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Workout – day 3

Hello and welcome, glad to see you here.

As today evening and tomorrow I’ll be busy as I go to youth leader conference I want to write about today’s achievement.

I had to run yesterday and I did it, you can read about it in the previous post. Because of tomorrows event I had to chose from taking 10k run today or on Sunday. Maybe some of you would think that Sunday is a good day for a run. I totally agree with that but my Sunday starts at 7 p.m. so by knowing that I chose to take my run today. So I did.

Last night went to bet early to have a good and long sleep. In the morning woke up before my alarm went of. So I think I had enough of sleep. Took breakfast then some personal time with GOD and I was ready to go for it.

Before running had to think of my path so that I would know exactly where I’m going. It helps me a lot, when I know the way I’m going. At some point I can guess how far have I ran even if my workout app have not informed me of distance.

I finished my run in less then hour and its normal for me. I’m a beginner in running so please don’t judge me.
Even better than that, I set a new record for 10k, by 3 seconds.

Rights after I finished running, the weather changed and it started raining. Yet while I was running it was raining but it was nothing and it did not prevent me of having a good run.

That’s it about today’s workout and achievements I did.

Hope to see you tomorrow, take care and workout. :)


Uncomfortable – day 2

Hey and welcome back myself as this is the day number 2. Got some fancy playlist on, that you can check here: Lost in Latgale

Let me tell you about the thing that made me feel uncomfortable today. I had a good running workout with a total distance of 4km (2.48 Miles). It’s not that much but its enough as I follow the training plan to get ready for half marathon.

This week in the training program I start to run on Thursday and it is the shortest distance of all week I have to complete. As I have been running for some time 4km distance is nothing much to me. Yet it helps you stay fit you know.

Okay, so I’m running at the stadium and everything is so cool. Feeling my self good as well and really enjoying the workout. It was not so sunny but warm with a nice breeze of wind. It was not the first lap of my run when it happened.

I’m thinking of second lap when I hear an airplane flying above. Most of the times when I hear an airplane I try to spot it, So I did this time as well. Even more I wanted to see the airplane because of the sound it made was different.

I looked back and there it was, airplane for sure. It was going really fast and low so it was not so hard to spot it. Can’t remember the last time I saw airplane like that, because this was not a usual airplane.

The airplane I saw was a destroyer.

And right in that moment when I understood that its an destroyer I started to feel uncomfortable. As Russia is not so far from us who live in Latvia. For some of us Latvians its really really close. By knowing what is happening in between Russia and Ukraine I can’t be so sure of being super safe in my home land.

For sure I don’t want to experience any war activity in my life my home land my country.


Little about me – day 1

Hello there and welcome to day one of my challenge to write for another 20 day. It was hard for me to get myself together and start writing this first post. I really hope it wont be that hard further away on this journey.

Yesterdays post was about the challenge and it was like an intro of what I’m going to do. The next thing that is important is to let you know me better. That’s why I have to tell you more about myself.
So lets get in to it as I have found good enough playlist for writing.

At some point I feel like I’m just 18, but the fact is I’m no that young anymore. Right now I’m in my room standing next to my DIY standing table and 23 years old already. Didn’t see that coming right?!

I’m sorry I forgot to mention my name – Austris and its my pleasure to see you visiting this site.

I’d rather call my self a creative than smart, as I have only finished high school. Yes, I started my college but didn’t managed to finish it. At some point I regret the chose I made about leaving college but it is how it is and it’s done.

At the moment I don’t have job, so unemployed. Yet if you have a free position for a creative like me, would like to talk about it. I’m serious!

You know in 23 years there is quite a lot of stuff you can experience and I have. For sure it’s no that much as if I have to compare myself with my parents. Yet I think my mum is forever 30 and dad about 40 but not really, they are bit older.

I have a sister as well and she’s a real grownup. As I’m 23 she is two years older then me. Living in other city and doing her stuff. Hope she is doing good, have not talked to her for some long time. You think its rude from my side? Maybe it is but I still love her, no matter what.

Pets, we have some at home. The number one is our french bulldog – Molly. Black with some tiger patterns and a nice white tie on her thorax. In my Instagram profile you can see some pictures.

Enough for today, as I really really want to go out and ride my fixie. Will see if I’ll get to it.



Just in time

This to be the best time to write something for you. I have some music on and it’s almost midnight. This two things together is like a magic when some crazy stuff comes up on the horizon. Never ending horizon of imagination, thoughts and ideas.

While editing some settings on theme I’m using on my page got one challenging idea. The idea of 21 day blog writing challenge for myself. It should’t be just writing/bloging but the idea is to make this page more alive

By that I’ll improve on my English as well it will motivate me even more to look on the world a bit different then I do now. In bets case maybe some good and useful thought will stay in your mind after reading some of the posts that are coming up.

I think I’m a conqueror as I like to finish the things I have started. Have to admit that there is one thing I did not finished. Still I’m not going to talk about it now as it has no room in this post. Yet I’ll accept this challenge of myself and do my best to accomplish.

To let you know what you would see, read or get from this page is lots of stuff. I enjoy working out, I mean running and cycling. I have a fixie and it has no breaks, as well SCOT ASPECT 650 that lets me go further than the village borders I live in.

By knowing some Adobe Ps stuff I can come up with some extra inspirational art that you will be able to see and appreciate. Instagram – you can follow me right now: Austris on Instagram.

If you call me a writer then I have to say thank you, yet I don’t feel like it. Once I heard a person say that quoting others is like sharing with they’re vomit. Maybe it’s true for some of you and if so you can freely skip does posts. Just saying that some quotes/vomits of myself or others may come up.

Okay, wish me luck and if you do write it in comment section, PLEASE! So I can come back and read it later when I feel like there is no point in doing this as no one is reading…