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The Walk- day 18

It’s so nice to feel the heat of sun and get myself outside for a long walk. That’s exactly what I did today, I got my self out for a walk. To walk and do workouts is not a big deal for me as I enjoy it a lot. But after the injury It’s important to take it easy on yourself.

Each day I feel myself a lot better as the pain is almost gone and I can walk normally. At some point if I do fast moves I can still feel the pain. By that I’m trying my best to be careful and look for my step. At least I can do cycling and these last days I have done it a lot.

The weather today was so nice that I could not resist it and went for a long walk.

Got my self some snacks and went out to the woods. I love my small village because of these nice paths we have around. You can hear the birds singing and enjoy everything that God has created even yourself.

Last summer I used to cycle on these paths and this summer I will run here as well.



It was really nice walk and I did not tracked the walking with sports app. I did that with a purpose to no race myself. As every time I use sports tracking app to track the activity it gets me into the race to compete with myself. I wanted to enjoy the walk and not to race it.

In the end I did enjoy it as I talked to myself laughed about some funny stuff I came up. As you can see I took some pictures and made some videos for myself. I reached the goal of this walk.


Supernova Sequence Boost 7 – day 17

For each of us there is something that we enjoy and love to do. I enjoy running and cycling. By saying that I’m into game of upgrading the equipment I have. This time I will tell you little bit about the new running shoe I have got for my self.

First thing first, I’m a beginner in running and it was my first time when I got on treadmill. Why should I pay money and run inside on some machine if I can do it outside and have fresh air and fantastic view along the way.

Now I know the way I’m running and it is important to get the best fitting shoe for yourself. As each one of us we are different and the style of running is different. More important it is If you want to get the most joy and fun of your runs.

If you go to you can find and look up for running shoes. There is a shoe finder as well and to use it its good to know what kind of arch you have, motion mechanics and foot strike. This will help you find the best shoe just for you.

I have Medium arch which is good I think. The motion mechanics that I use naturally are normal. At the point when my foot strikes the ground I strike it with Midfoot. Now when I know these specific things I can try to get running shoe online.

To use runnersworld shoe finder there will be some additional information you should know about yourself. You should know your weight, how tall you are, running experience, average pace and how much you run in a week.

While this post was in progress I had an extra chance to try my shoes more then just one time. Yet I’m not back on track with running as my injury bothers me. The best I can do is to take long walks and move slowly. By that I hope it will get better and I’ll be able to run again and get ready for the half marathon.

To tell more about the experience with this new shoe I feel very comfortable with them. Even at this second time when I’m wearing them it’s like I would have them for long enough time and it fits so good.

At my second walk with these shoe I really felt the Continental™ Rubber effect. When I tried to move little faster while on asphalt the extra grip effect was so perceptible. First time feeling the extra grip it made me feel weird.

Don’t remember myself feeling the extra grip at first try of shoe. The walking what I did wasn’t that fast as this time. It makes me think of how good the extra grip will work when I’ll be fully recovered from injury.

These are my first thoughts of Adidas Supernova Boost Sequence 7 – Men’s


Friends – day 15

Right on time when I started to write today’s post, one of my friends wrote to me. Before I got a message from him I decided to write about other things. As I wrote back to my friend I changed my mind on today’s post so let me share one idea I got.

There are friends who are just friends. When you meet them you talk about basic stuff some international things that are connecting both of you. If you know something that happened to this friend you would ask about it and show some interest, right?

Also there are friends who are more then friends. You know them for a longer time and you are communicating to them more then just once in a week or once in a day. Maybe you are going out with them having some fun together. By that you know what are they up to and they know you the same way possible.

I have two friends with whom I finished high school. One of them is my friend from first grade the other one joined us in first year of high school. Its really interesting with both of them how the friendship really grew in just three years.

We are real friends and by that I mean something more than friends who are just connected in facebook or other social networks. In fact we are not so connected trough facebook or other social networks but we use WhatsApp to communicate.

For us three its easy’er to talk using this app then skype call or anything like that. The thing is each of us are in different country. Still we are from one Fatherland but the life made some turns for each of us so this is what we have now.

If I remember correctly than we finished high school on 2010 and for almost five years we have not been able to meet with each other daily. Still we are good, really good friends and there are tons of stuff to talk about and tell to each other.

As I mentioned in the beginning that I was talking with one of my friends right when I started to write today’s post. I really focused my attention on talking to my friend and did not continued to write. The idea and decision I accepted for my self is to give most of my self to friends with whom I’m talking online.

It’s so easy to chat with someone online and on the same time surf the internet and keep on doing something I did before. Do I do the same thing when I meet with friends in real life? Most of the times no! Still I remember cases when I took out my device and checked stuff on it because I was not paying attention to other person who was with me.

At this point I decided I will do my best to fully pay attention to my friends with whom I communicate online. By that I will try not to jump from tab to tab on my browser while they are writing to me. I’m doing this for myself as I appreciate and honor them. They are precious to me and I don’t want to lose them.


The Yesterday – day 14

Hello there, I’m sorry for not being able to post in here yesterday as I had some fun time with friends. Let me tell you more of what happened and how cool the evening with my friends turned out.

I talked with my friends that we should meet and have some dinner together and I wanted to pay for everything. As I knew this, the yesterdays evening was free for my self I contacted my friends and asked them if they are up to some cool evening with food and fun talking.

After asking all of them, there where not that many of them, only 3 friends of mine, we made our plans for the evening. Then I got on bus and went to meet with them. For me to get to they’r place takes about 20 minutes on bus. So I planned my time and soon enough I got in the bus and was on my way.

My leg was still hurting badly but I could walk slowly and I did that. The hardest part was to deal with the steps in bus and staircase. All the other walking did not cause so much of pain. The good thing is that I feel myself better today. Like with everyday it gets better and better so that makes me happy as I will be able to get back to running.

So got all the food and drinks for the evening with friends. Also took some chips and they picked me up at the market. We went to they’r place and the evening started.
We talked, we laughed and enjoyed everything that we had. After some time we decided to watch a movie.

Sorry, cant remember the title of the movie but it was funny and with some deep thought it it. Even when one of ours left we kept talking and discussing some other stuff. At the end it was over 1 o’clock when we ended our conversations and got ourselves into beds.

Next morning as we did not had to hurry we could get back some sleep and energy. When I got back at my place it was midday.

That’s how cool was yesterday and I’m sorry for not being able to post anything to you guys. Sorry!


The Run – day 13

I have been running for almost or more then six months. Started to do this before winter and I have enjoyed everything of it. By everything I mean everything that I experienced before going for a run, the excitement and the good  exhausting feeling after it.

If you do running, do you remember that first time when you got back home from a long run and took the cup of water and drink it? How good that tasted and how refreshing was the feel of the liquid going down to your throat!

And the other run when you somehow twisted your leg and it started to hurt badly. Still you were running no matter of pain you felt. You had this goal to take the distance or finish the run in specific time to beat your record.

That’s the fun stuff that you get from running if you are really in it. And I would not be able to talk about this if I would not experience it on my self. So, yes I have experienced this stuff that were mentioned before.

Whats more fun about today and why I’m writing about running again is because I did my running today. This day was more specific than others because I had some company. As before I had gone running by my self, just me and the road, path or whatever the rout is.

I have a friend who’s from US and he is 54. Old you think? Not that old that he could not do running. He is a good runner and I had a chance to run with him today. He do running for more then 3 years so I learned a lot from today’s 10k run.

We could do more than that but because of my strained leg, I just thought it would not be wise to go more than that. I really thought the strained muscles are in good condition and it will be okay to do my training program run. But it was not like that.

I had to take 8km run today and at 3rd km I started to feel some pain. So at some point we stopped I did some stretching and then we walked for some time. After that we took down the pace and kept going really slowly.

At the end of workout I was so happy to finally stop and start walking. Still I felt a lot of pain on every step I did but I did what I had to do for a workout.

You would ask why I did not stop after I felt pain in my leg. Well I like to stick to the plan and my plan was to do at least the distance of training plan. The other thing was I wanted to show of a little bit. It’s in the blood of man to be competitive so I really was doing my best in it. 😀

Be wise and don’t hurt yourself…


Birthday Party – day 12

I red this article of hiding your birthday information on facebook to know who are the real real friends in your circle of social network friends. While reading the that I started to think of my birthday that will be next month.

Can’t remember the last time I did a big birthday party. Most of the times because of not having spare money for big party I just hang out with my relatives and some friends. Still it was nice and I was happy. Not because of presents but because of people that were around me.

So I checked my calendar and made sure what day do I have my birthday. After that I thought I could make some cool and simple party for my closest friends.

How did you celebrated your birthday? Any ideas what I should try and do?


Thoughts – day 11

Hello my friend, how was your day. I’m about to share with you about some stuff I have thought about. I think you already know that as that’s the title of today’s post. Please feel free to leave a comment or share this post if you have enjoyed it.

To think it’s something we keep on doing all the time. I’m not sure how much I think during deep sleep but I have heard that brain does not stop on processing the information even if I’m asleep. So no matter what your brain is working all the time. The same stuff happens with heart, right?

At this point I’m so done of today as it was so intense. The thoughts and stuff that happened to me they are so amazing. To think of what to tell to you is so hard as I just don’t have the right words. It wont be the same as if I would tell you all that happened today.

Coming back to thoughts and thinking of how stuff could happen it’s just not that everything you think of will happen. Some stuff will happen spontaneously. If there is different situation you will be forced to act differently than you would think the night before.

It’s good to think of how and what will happen as it shows that you are not unconcerned of the outcome. Yet I want to give advice to you to be flexible and give yourself some rest at night…


Can’t Stop- day 10

Hey there and welcome back. This is day 10 of me trying to write every day for twenty and one day. It’s been hard for me because of some circumstances but I’m trying to do my best.

So what about today? Almost all day long I spent in other city that is near by my village. I went to church and there was seminar and after that a youth meeting. It all was really fun and I enjoyed this day. As it was so nice and sunny day.

I saw an article in news that said a new heat record has been set. By hearing that I’m not surprised about it as it was really really warm today. I even took of my jacket when we got back from supermarket.

After youth meeting I took bus and got back home. Before I left I knew I wanted to do some cycling. The only thing was I could not decide whether it will be 10k ride or 20k. What I realized was that I have to be careful as I strained my leg yesterday and I can’t do heavy workouts or to long rides.

Knowing and realizing that I decided to take at least 10k ride and during it I will decide on going for extra 10 or not.

Got back home, dressed up took my bike and went out. It was really nice and refreshing ride. I did not pushed myself a lot. Just a little bit at some point to feel the speed and my muscles. By reaching my first goal of 10k, I felt so good that I took 10 more.

In the end in less then one hour I finished my 20k cycling ride. I did not pushed my self much but it neither it was just a slow ride for me. At some point it was somewhere in between.

My leg don’t hurt that much any more and I can walk normally after first five steps. Will do some extra stretching to make them better and get back on track as soon as possible.

The videos I shared in yesterdays post. I did two of does stretches and they really help and I feel a lot better then I did before. Saying that I want to recommend you to try them out if you have strained gluteal muscles.

Don’t stop your workouts but please be careful. Bye!